roads improvement

Improving the City’s Infrastructure

As Chair of Public Works & Infrastructure, I’m pleased to share that the city is engaging in an aggressive program of road construction and watermain replacement to improve its aging infrastructure.

In 2016 alone, we’re investing more than $550 million to maintain and improve our city’s core infrastructure, including $260 million on roads and bridges, $227 million on sewers and watermains and $71 million on basement flooding protection.

This construction work will have real long-term benefits for Torontonians such as improved transportation corridors and better public transit.

While necessary, there’s no doubt that construction causes disruption and inconvenience to road users and other residents that share the public realm.

In recent years, the city has embraced a multi-year capital coordination process to streamline and synchronize capital projects. Leading this process is the Major Capital Infrastructure Coordination Office (MCIC), established in in 2008.

The chief goals of the MCIC are to improve efficiency and delivery rates, avoid conflicts between different projects and minimize disruption for residents:

  • A multi-year perspective ensures that capital work is being completed in the right order. This means, for example, that underground work will precede construction at grade.
  • A multi-agency approach helps achieve efficiencies in construction such as effective work-zone coordination or joint excavation.
  • A multi-stage process further works to minimize disruption for residents by, for instance, coordinating with transit operations and ensuring proper maintenance of equipment.

The bottom line is that the city is taking important steps to ensure that capital projects follow a predictable, logical and cost-effective path to delivery – all to get this needed infrastructure work done with the least amount of inconvenience and disruption.

To stay up-to-date, check out T.O. INview, a web-based mapping system showing the locations and details of planned capital projects.

Phase 3 of Hoggs Hollow Stormwater and Road Improvement Project Begins!

As I mentioned in April, the first and second phase of the city’s $24-million Hoggs Hollow stormwater management and road improvements project are complete and construction on the third phase has just begun.

Construction is starting soon on the following streets:

  • Donwoods Drive from Knightswood Road to Donino Avenue;
  • Donwoods Grove;
  • Winton Road;
  • Plymbridge Road from the bridge to Donwoods Drive; and,
  • Donwoods Drive from Donino Avenue to Ivor Road.

The work involves storm sewer installation and road reconstruction. Phase IV is set to get underway in the second half of 2014.

See the construction notice below for more information.

For more information about any aspect of the project, you can contact Manveer Ramburrun, the Project Engineer, at or (416) 395-1112.

York Ridge and Don Ridge stormwater management and road improvements

This summer the city will be reconstructing streets, installing storm sewers and gutter on York Ridge Road and Don Ridge Drive as part of a road and stormwater management improvement project on the following streets:

  • York Ridge Road from York Mills Road to Old Yonge Street
  • Don Ridge Drive from the west end to Old Yonge Street

As part of this project, the city will also be replacing its portion of any substandard water service to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of water and improve drinking water quality.

For more information about any aspect of the project, you can contact Manveer Ramburrun, the Project Engineer, at or (416) 395-1112.

Progress on Ward 25 Roads

Road Reconstruction on Riverview Drive

After a significant push from my office, I’m pleased to announce that Riverview Drive is scheduled for reconstruction in 2015!

A public consultation meeting took place on November 24 with neighbours and city staff.

The project includes road resurfacing, cul-de-sac improvements, sidewalk restoration, catch basin replacement and the installation of a bioretention unit to absorb surface drainage from the roadway.

For more information, please contact Chetan Shah at or 416-392-4956.

Road Reconstruction on Old Colony Road

After successfully moving the project ahead from 2018 to 2016, the pre-design and geotechnical surveys are underway for a full reconstruction of Old Colony Road!

Delivery of the project is confirmed for 2016 and the work also involves a complete stormwater infrastructure upgrade.

A full public consultation process will take place in 2015 and city staff will provide advance written notice of any public meetings to all impacted neighbours. Check upcoming eNewsletters for more information!