Action on Roads

With warm weather comes increased construction activity on our roads. This year, after an extensive push from my office and countless meetings with senior staff, over 20 roads in Ward 25 will be undergoing reconstruction or repairs.

Road Repaving

The following road segments will be repaved and have extensive maintenance repairs completed:

  • Blanchard Road from Blyth Hill Road to Blyth Dale Road
  • Blyth Dale Road from Blyth Hill Road to Blythwood Road
  • Fidelia Avenue from Strathgowan Crescent to Dawlish Avenue
  • Glenallen Road from Strathgowan Crescent to Mildenhall Road
  • Mildenhall Road from Blythwood Road to Lawrence Avenue East
  • Stratford Crescent from Mildenhall Road to about #101 Stratford Crescent

If your street is scheduled for repaving and you would like more information about the timing of the road work or the type of work to be completed, I encourage you to reach out to Bruce Shaw, Supervisor of Road Operations, at

Road Reconstruction

Major road reconstruction will also take place on several Ward 25 roads:

  • Bayview Ridge from Valley Road to Highland Crescent
  • Beechwood Avenue from Hedgewood Road to Birchwood Avenue
  • Cedarwood Avenue from Highland Crescent to York Mills Road
  • Doon Road from Highland Crescent to Beechwood Avenue
  • Fenn Avenue from York Road to the cul-de-sac
  • Glenridge Avenue from York Road to the cul-de-sac
  • Harrison Road from Old Colony Road to Berkindale Drive
  • Lawrence Avenue East from Leslie Street to the cul-de-sac
  • Old Colony Road from Bayview Avenue to the cul-de-sac
  • Old Yonge Street from Mill Street to Campbell Crescent
  • Plymbridge Crescent from Plymbridge Road to Brookfield Crescent
  • Plymbridge Crescent from Donwoods Road to about #52 Plymbridge Crescent

If you live in the York Mills neighbourhood and road reconstruction is scheduled for your street, you can learn more about the work by contacting the project manager, Angela Au at

For questions about the Lawrence Avenue East road reconstruction, I encourage you to contact Pezhman Imani at

For any work taking place on Old Yonge Street or Plymbridge Crescent, the best person for you to contact is Javier Saborio at

Road Resurfacing

Road resurfacing will take place on:

  • Bayview Avenue from Truman Road to Steeles Avenue East
  • Don Mills Road from Lawrence Avenue East to York Mills Road
  • Yonge Street from York Mills Road to the 401

If you have any questions about the work scheduled for these roads, I encourage you to contact Sinead Canavan, Program Manager, at

If your street is not included in the above list but is in poor condition, please let me know at City staff have the final say in scheduling road work, but I’d be happy to bring your concerns to their attention or request that any interim repairs be completed as soon as possible.

Action on Roads - Spring, 2015

Along with the warmer weather comes road improvements across the Ward!

I’m happy to announce that the following streets will be repaved in 2015:

  • Pinedale Road
  • Stratheden Road
  • Strathgowan Crescent
  • Pine Forest Road
  • Garland Avenue
  • Blyth Hill Road
  • Bayview Wood
  • St. Aubyns Crescent
  • Wood Avenue
  • Lewes Crescent
  • York Ridge Road
  • Don Ridge Drive
  • Bayview Avenue
  • Ivor Road
  • Plymbridge Crescent
  • Riverview Drive
  • Lawrence Avenue East
  • Valley Road
  • Bayview Ridge

Action on Roads in Ward 25

I’m pleased to relay that more than twenty roads were resurfaced or reconstructed in Ward 25 in 2014.

The news comes after a significant and repeated push from my office to direct staff and city resources towards Ward 25’s worst roads.

Work on the following roads was included in 2014:

  • Braeside Crescent
  • Rothmere Drive
  • Proctor Crescent
  • Highland Crescent
  • Doon Road
  • The Bridle Path
  • Buckingham Avenue
  • Cheltenham Avenue
  • Rochester Avenue
  • St Leonards Avenue
  • St Leonards Crescent
  • Wanless Crescent
  • Lawrence Avenue East (Yonge to Bayview)
  • Glengowan Road
  • Roslin Avenue

The Hoggs Hollow Road and Stormwater Management Project continued unabated, with reconstruction of Winton Road, Donwoods Grove as well as portions of Donwoods Drive and Plymbridge Road.

Full reconstruction and stormwater upgrades also took place on York Ridge Road and Don Ridge Road.

For more information about the roads in your neighbourhood or to bring a bad road to my attention, just send me an email or give my office a call at (416) 395-6408.

I rely on your eyes and ears for the most up to date information on Ward 25’s roads!