Crosstown Updates

Metrolinx’s 19-kilometre light rail transit (LRT) construction project, the Crosstown, is well underway. Running along Eglinton Avenue, the Crosstown line will connect Mount Dennis in the west to Kennedy Road in the east and is expected to be up to 60 percent faster than the current bus service.

There will be 25 stops plus connections to three TTC subway stations and the Union-Pearson Express.

The stops that will be closest to Ward 25 include Eglinton, Mount Pleasant, Leaside, Laird and Sunnybrook Park.

The Crosstown’s Community Relations team is constantly updating their website to include the latest construction news. You can also sign up for specific updates related to the stations nearest you. For more information, please visit their website or call 416-482-7411.

Metrolinx Crosstown Update

As you know, Metrolinx launched a regional transportation plan – “The Big Move” – in September 2008. One of the first projects in this plan was the Eglinton Crosstown.

The Crosstown, a light rail transit line (LRT), will run across Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and Kennedy Station – a 19km corridor that includes a 10km portion undergound between Keele Street and Laird Drive.

Construction is well underway and is expected to be completed in September 2021.

Currently, the two Tunnel Boring Machines – named Don and Humber – are respectively just west and east of Bayview Avenue.

Station names were recently approved and finalized. The stops in our area include:

  • Eglinton Station – Yonge & Eglinton
  • Mt. Pleasant Station – Mt. Pleasant & Eglinton
  • Leaside Station – Bayview & Eglinton
  • Laird Station – Laird & Eglinton
  • Sunnybrook Park Stop – Leslie & Eglinton
  • Science Centre Station – Don Mills & Eglinton

Metrolinx is hosting a series of public meetings beginning in the spring to share detailed designs and an updated construction schedule from the contractor – stay informed by visiting this link or by calling the Crosstown East’s office at 416-482-7411.

City-Wide Transit Update

The first month of 2016 saw a number of exciting developments on the transit front!

The City of Toronto and TTC, together with Metrolinx and GoTransit, are embracing a network-based approach to transit, rather than considering transit initiatives as individual projects. The goal is to make Toronto’s residents and neighbourhoods more interconnected.

The newly revised SmartTrack plan sees the western portion of the plan – from Mount Dennis station to the airport – modified from heavy rail to light rail. Staff advise that an LRT (light rail transit) would be more feasible, cost effective and have fewer community impacts.

A study of SmartTrack ridership forecasts, conducted by the University of Toronto, also estimated that frequent service on the transit line could reduce congestion on the Yonge subway line by 17% – that’s a significant reduction!

City staff will provide an update on SmartTrack’s western corridor to Executive Committee in March 2016.

In January we also got a look at a revised plan for the Scarborough subway. City Planning has advised that reducing the extension of the Bloor-Danforth subway from three stops to one stop and building a 17-stop, 12 kilometre LRT along Eglinton East – an extension of the Eglinton Crosstown – would better support Scarborough residents’ regional and local needs than the original plan approved by Council in 2013.

City Planning will report to Executive Committee in March 2016 on the results of public consultations and progress on this updated plan.

In February and March, the city and Metrolinx are hosting a series of public meetings for residents to learn more about integrated transit planning.

Click here for the dates and locations of these upcoming public consultations.

I encourage you to attend and share your feedback on our city’s updated transit plans!

Crosstown Update

Crosstown construction continues on schedule and work will soon begin on the eastern leg!

As I noted in a previous newsletter, crews have started to relocate utilities along Eglinton between Brentcliffe and Leslie for the next phase of the project.

The soon-to-start next phase involves the construction of a launch shaft to provide access points for Don and Humber, the tunnel boring machines that will dig the 3.25 kilometres of underground twin tunnels towards Yonge Street. Crews will also start building the underground support walls at Laird and Bayview as well as an emergency exit building.

During construction, there will be lane reductions along Eglinton as well as TTC stop and sidewalk relocations.

The Crosstown Community Relations Team is working closely with city staff from Transportation Services on all aspects of the project.

They are keeping track of traffic issues and exploring solutions to keep traffic moving, including posting signs with alternate route information and signal retiming.

You can see all of the Crosstown construction updates online at

If you have any questions about the construction process or any traffic issues, please contact the Crosstown Community Relations Team by phone at 416-782-8118, by email at, or, by visiting their new office at Bayview and Eglinton (661 Eglinton Ave. E in the Sunnybrook Plaza) opening soon.

Transit Congestion

Congestion on the Yonge subway line was front and centre at my Transit and Transportation Town Hall earlier this year.

I know it it is hard to constantly watch crowded trains pass by from the platform at York Mills, Lawrence and Eglinton. There is always a delay on my commute to City Hall.

At my Transit and Transportation Town Hall, TTC CEO Andy Byford addressed the issue head on and spoke to four key improvements underway to increase capacity and reliability:

  • Replacing all of the trains on the Yonge line with the new “Rocket” trains, which carry nearly 10% more passengers per train;
  • Upgrading to automatic train control, which will allow trains to run closer together, increasing capacity by up to 25% (this work is the cause of subway shutdowns over the weekend);
  • Physical and low cost improvements to Yonge-Bloor station to reduce dwell times by guiding passengers to and from trains; and,
  • The Spadina subway extension is expected to have an effect on the Yonge line, reducing demand by 5-10%.

Relief Line – The Long Term Solution

These are real and significant improvements, but we also need to think long term, and that is why I have been advocating for the Relief Line (also known as the Downtown Relief Line).

Two studies are underway exploring the options related to the Relief Line.

Metrolinx’s Yonge Relief Network Study is taking a big picture network approach and looking at how to use GO as well as suburban and city transit options to improve connectivity in the larger corridor.

Metrolinx recently hosted two public meetings for residents to provide feedback. There will be more public consultation at various stages in the process.

The city and the TTC are conducting a narrower study exploring route and station location options.

For more information on both the Metrolinx and city/TTC studies, please visit

Transit and Transportation Town Hall

With TTC CEO Andy Byford, Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig and Transportation Services GM Stephen Buckley f  ollowing my Transit and Transportation Town Hall

With TTC CEO Andy Byford, Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig and Transportation Services GM Stephen Buckley following my Transit and Transportation Town Hall

I am pleased to report that my Ward 25 Transit and Transportation Town Hall, which took place last Tuesday at Lawrence Park Community Church, was a big success!

I brought the city’s top transit and transportation officials, TTC CEO Andy Byford, Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig and Transportation Services GM Stephen Buckley, to Ward 25 to answer your questions and address your issues.

It was an interesting, informative and encouraging evening, and we heard about all of the work the city and the province are doing to tackle Toronto’s congestion problem.

I was particularly excited about the discussion surrounding the Yonge relief line – I made it clear that it was his number one priority.

As we learned from the Q&A, there is more to be done, but we are taking action.

Thank you to all who attended and brought excellent questions!

For those who missed the town hall, please see the evening’s presentations from TTC CEO Andy Byford and Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig below:

Eglinton Crosstown Update


Photo: Eglinton Crosstown

Update – February 2014

In my last newsletter, I reported that Metrolinx awarded the second tunnelling contract to Aecon Dragados for work on the eastern section of the Crosstown between Yonge Steet and Brentcliffe Road. Construction will soon begin on a launch shaft that will provide access points for Don and Lea, the tunnel boring machines that will dig the 3.25 kilometres of twin tunnels.

The first visible phase of construction will take place on Eglinton at Brentcliffe. During the first phase, the work zone will be on Eglinton between Brentcliffe and Leslie Street. Traffic will be shifted to the north side of Eglinton between Brentclife and Leslie and reduced to one lane in each direction to allow crews to begin excavation on the south side. As part of the first phase, crews will be setting up the construction area and installing fences and barriers as well as working to widen the road, relocate utilities, street lights and some trees and build a revised sanitary sewer system.

If you have any questions about the construction process, please contact the Crosstown Community Relations team. You can reach them by phone at 416-782-8118 or send them an email via the online form here.

November 2013

Construction on the Eglinton Crosstown is well underway!

Earlier this month, Metrolinx announced it awarded the second tunneling contract to Aecon Dragados for work on the eastern portion of the line between Yonge Street and Brentcliffe Road. The company will dig approximately 3.25 kilometres of twin tunnels using two boring machines.

The boring machines, named (as is tradition) Don and Humber after the rivers, will begin work after the western boring machines, Dennis and Lea, reach Allen Road. This second phase of construction is slated to begin later this year!

Currently, Metrolinx is looking for feedback on station and stop design for both the western and eastern portions of the Crosstown. I encourage you to visit to complete the online survey and sign up for email updates!