fiscal responsibility

Modernizing the City of Toronto

As a strong believer in fiscal responsibility and accountability, I’ve consistently pushed city staff to find efficiencies during my two terms in office.

That’s why I’m pleased to share the city is embarking on a bold – and much-needed – new plan to modernize city operations, increase efficiency and save money.

The new measures include:

  • A customer service strategy that offers more online services and streamlines the city’s service counters;
  • Maximizing city office space to increase productivity and engagement;
  • Reviewing the city’s current real estate holdings; and,
  • Hiring a Chief Transformation Office to oversee implementation of the plan.

These innovative, forward-thinking measures are on track to save the City of Toronto millions of dollars each and every year. For example:

  • $8 million annually will be saved by transferring services currently provided by phone and at service counters to online.
  • $4 to $6 million will be saved as a result of the Office Modernization Project, which reduces the overall office space needed at the city by retrofitting existing space to be more collaborative, efficient and productive.
  • $30 to $60 million in savings are expected through the implementation of a new centralized real estate and facility model that will maximize the city’s land and property assets.

Toronto’s financial envelope is limited, and we need to continue to drive savings in-house by finding new ways to conduct our business more efficiently, effectively and affordably.