City Hall Update

As you have no doubt heard, last night Mayor Rob Ford issued a statement explaining that he will be taking a leave of absence.

Earlier today, the City Clerk issued a memorandum to members of City Council advising that, as a result of the leave of absence, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly will assume the power and duties of the Mayor. You can find a copy below.

The good news is that the Deputy Mayor and City Council have been hard at work shifting the spotlight back onto city business, and I will continue to work closely with the Deputy Mayor to advance the city’s agenda.

As many of you know, I called on the mayor to step aside more than 10 months ago.

It wasn’t an easy position to take.

Trust, honesty and integrity are the foundation of public office. You don’t deserve an office you don’t respect, and the mayor has shown time and again that he doesn’t respect the office or the city.

At this point, anything less than a full and complete resignation is too little, too late.

Toronto’s a great city and deserves nothing less than a great mayor. We need strong, decisive, substantive leadership to take our city to the next level, to ensure our continued prosperity and success.