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Gardiner East Update

The future of the eastern section of the Gardiner Expressway is a once in a lifetime decision that will shape the future direction of our city.

The environmental assessment team recently refined the options for the 2.4km stretch between Jarvis and Logan to three:

  • Remove the expressway and replace it with an eight lane boulevard;
  • Maintain the expressway in its current form; or
  • A hybrid approach that would keep the expressway linkage between the Gardiner and DVP.

Public consultations are a critical part of the decision making process and are now underway.

It’s a complicated decision. We have to balance travel time impacts, unlocking the incredible opportunities on the waterfront and financial cost. As the Chair of Public Works, my priority is to make the right decision for the city. 

To get involved or to learn more about the issues, please head to

Following the public consultations, city staff will prepare a report with a recommended option for May’s Public Works Committee meeting and City Council will make a final decision in June.

Gardiner Expressway Environmental Assesment

Photo:  Gardiner East

The city and Waterfront Toronto are studying options for the future of the eastern section of the Gardiner Expressway from Jarvis Street to Logan Avenue.

The options under review are to maintain the expressway as it is and perform annual maintenance; keep the expressway, but look for ways to improve it; replace it with a new above or below ground expressway; or, remove it and replace it with a new boulevard.

Earlier this week, city staff released a report on the joint City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto study on the future of the eastern portion of the Gardiner Expressway from Jarvis to Logan.

City staff reviewed four options for the future of the eastern section of the Gardiner: maintain, improve, replace or remove. You can read the full report here.

The report will go to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee next week and is expected to come before City Council for a final vote in early April.

I will be watching the committee proceedings closely and fully reviewing the report before it comes to Council.

If you haven’t already, I’d appreciate hearing from you on this issue – your feedback is integral to my decision making process.

Just send me an email at or call my office at 416-395-6408 and let me know what you think!

You can learn more about the study as well as the options under review by visiting