Porter Airlines

Porter Proposal to Use Jets at Billy Bishop Airport

In April, Porter Airlines announced it has conditionally ordered 12 new Bombardier jets, which can fly further than its current fleet of turboprop planes.

The use of Billy Bishop is governed by a tripartite agreement between the city, the federal government and the Port Authority. For Porter’s jet proposal to go forward, all three parties would have to agree to amend the agreement that governs airport operations, namely lifting a ban on jets and approving a runway expansion.

Many of you have written or spoken to me about Porter Airlines’ proposal to expand service at Billy Bishop Island Airport and I appreciate your thoughts and feedback!

A city staff report on the proposal – examining its economic and environmental as well as traffic and congestion impacts – is underway and expected to come before City Council in early 2014.

The city just wrapped up three public information sessions about the proposal. An additional session is expected in November and I encourage you to take part and have your say!

If you have not already, please do not forget to let me know what you think by sending me an email or by calling my office at (416) 395-6408!