Relief Line Study

The Relief Line Study is moving full-speed ahead!

The terms of reference and public consultation plan were approved at City Council last week.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, this joint city and TTC effort is studying possible station locations and routes for the first phase of the Relief Line. The first phase would take pressure off of the overcrowded Yonge line by providing a subway connection between the Bloor-Danforth line and downtown.

Earlier this year, the city and TTC held a number of public consultations to introduce the study and get feedback on how it should proceed.

As part of the next phase, staff will look at the right transit technology for the line and invite the public to participate in a naming contest for the Relief Line. In early 2015, staff will release a long list of station locations and route alignment options for consideration.

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Scarborough Transit

Photo:  Jeff Roulston

How to replace the aging Scarborough RT was front and centre throughout the summer.

A series of plans were discussed and debated, including an LRT stretching from Kennedy to Sheppard, an underground Bloor-Danforth subway extension to Sheppard and a subway extension to Scarborough Town Centre using the existing RT alignment. Last week, the federal government announced a new funding commitment.

The debate will no doubt continue at City Council in the fall. In my mind, any and all significant decisions about transit planning should be based on sound evidence, international best practices and solid, realistic financials. We also need to act and act quickly – there have been too many delays on the transit expansion file. That is the framework that I will be using when this issue returns to City Council.