Winter Tips

The winter weather has arrived and here’s what you need to know to be prepared!


Snow, ice and freeze-thaw cycles can cause serious damage to our roadways.

To report potholes, phone 311, the city’s 24-hour service portal, or visit Have the closest municipal address on hand – it helps pothole repair crews work efficiently.

Snow Clearing

Did you know that the city clears 5,604 km of roads each and every time it snows?

Expressways are cleared after 2.5 cm of accumulated snow and arterial roads after 5 cm. Local roads are cleared following the accumulation of 8 cm of snow.

If it’s been 18 hours since the end of a storm and your street has still not been ploughed, please call 311.

Icy sidewalks are a serious pedestrian safety hazard, particularly for our older neighbours and those with accessibility issues. So please be nice and clear your ice!

Senior city staff advised that contacting 311 is the fastest and most efficient way to report snow and ice issues. Each time you contact 311, your issue is recorded (with a service request number that can be tracked) and the request goes immediately to Transportation Services for investigation and follow up.

This year, the city also has a great new online tool where you can watch snow plows and salt trucks in real time! Be sure to check out this winter!