Toronto Botanical Garden

Growing the Gardens - A Toronto Botanical Gardens Master Plan

Located within Edwards Gardens, at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Leslie Street in Ward 25, lies a hidden gem in the City's park system - the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG).
The TBG is a dynamic hub that connects people and plants through conservation, research and education. Currently, the Garden has limited space and resources to achieve their full potential. For this reason, City staff from the TBG and Parks, Forestry and Recreation have developed a holistic, long-term plan to transform the space into a globally acclaimed botanical garden.
The Master Plan proposes a seamless boundary between Edwards Gardens and the TBG, re-imagining the gardens as a major cultural attraction for Torontonians and tourists alike. In April 2018, I played an instrumental role in City Council's unanimous support for "Growing the Gardens" and implementing the TBG's proposed Master Plan.
Following Council approval, the Master Plan will expand the TBG from four to 35 acres of gardens, including changes to garden design, restoration and parking, as well as new gateways, pathways and programming spaces. These changes will allow the TBG to improve amenities, expand programming and enhance the visitor experience.
I strongly support the City’s partnership with the Toronto Botanical Garden and look forward to seeing this exciting initiative come to fruition in the years to come.