Renewable Energy

Renewable Natural Gas Facility

To further our goal of becoming a city with a circular economy, the City of Toronto's Solid Waste Management Services (SWMS) Division is teaming up with Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. to begin creating renewable gas from Green Bin waste.
As part of this initiative, new equipment will be installed at the Dufferin Solid Waste Management Facility later this year that will allow raw biogas – produced from Toronto's Green Bin Organics – to be made into renewable natural gas (RNG). This process uses a "closed-loop" approach, since the RNG will ultimately be used to power 132, or 90%, of the City's heavy duty collection vehicles!
The state-of-the-art Dufferin Solid Waste Management Facility is one of the only two locations in the City where organic material is broken down by using innovative pre-processing and anaerobic digestion technology. The biogas upgrading taking place at this facility is a cutting edge initiative that will play a major role in helping achieve the City's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint.
As Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, I have worked hard over the course of this term to create and implement strategies that reduce waste and benefit the environment. RNG is proven as a way to make the natural gas system even greener. Collaborating with SWMS and Enbridge on the RNP project is a big step forward for the City's Long Term Waste Management Strategy and for future renewable gas projects.