Ward 25 Parks

Ward 25 has some of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods and is home to over 50 parks totalling 301.19 hectares.

Lord seaton

In September, I was pleased to officially open the revitalized playground in Lord Seaton Park. I was happy to see so many residents from the St. Andrew's neighbourhood join us for the community celebration.

After years of hard work, the Lord Seaton Park in York Mills is now home to an improved and revitalized playground, including classic playground pieces such as swings, spinner cups, obstacle courses and a slide for children and a number of fitness equipment pieces for adults.


Lawrence Park Playground

After many years of hard work, I am happy to announce Lawrence Park is now home to an improved and revitalized green space, including brand new swings, slides and play areas for children of all ages. We were also able to install adult fitness equipment across the street.


Ranleigh Park

Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff are currently managing the transition of the 100 Ranleigh site to parkland.

Staff are busy coordinating the process for developing this site to be public parkland in the near future. Design for the park will begin early this year.