Residential Infill Construction

Bringing reform to the City's planning and construction process has been a top priority of mine and I have moved several motions directing the City to improve its response to residential infill construction sites and ensure that our neighbourhoods are protected and respected when undergoing development. You can read my motions here.

In response to my recommendations, City staff have designed an interdivisional strategy to minimize and mitigate the negative impacts of residential infill construction activity.

The strategy is three-pronged and involves:

  • Improvements to the complaint management system to ensure complaints are dealt with more effectively, including enhanced coordination between city divisions;

  • Improvements in communication with residents, including the creation of a city website with key information, the development of a best practices guide for builders and required construction signage on-site; and,

  • Development of good construction practices, including improved education, more effective enforcement, a ticketing pilot project, and enhanced building inspector knowledge.


Toronto Building has also developed the Good Neighbour Guide for residential infill. You can also read the Staff Report developed in response to my motions to minimize the negative impacts residential infill here. Building Toronto has also developed a new website where residents can check the status of building permits as well as any work order issues. You can visit the site here.

However, it is important that you are aware that the Province of Ontario's Building Code Act does not enforce a standardized timelines or deadlines to ensure the timely construction of residential construction projects. Until this addressed, the City's powers are limited.