Transportation Services Presents INview

T.O. INview, short for infrastructure viewer, is a map that provides information about current capital construction activities across the city.

The map identifies the location and other details of planned capital construction projects to be carried out by the city, utility companies and other agencies, including Metrolinx and the TTC, every year.

It’s important to note that this website only shows planned capital work, not emergency or short-term projects. For that information, visit the city’s road restrictions website.

T.O. INview not only provides details about individual projects but also allows the city to improve the coordination of overlapping projects, which is more cost-efficient and reduces the inconveniences associated with construction activities for residents.

There’s also a handy user guide that can help you navigate the website’s features and make the most of this innovative technology.

To access the T.O. INview website, please click here.