Toronto Hydro Outage Map and Tips

Toronto Hydro just launched a new and improved version of its outage map.

The map’s new features include status updates on outages and estimated times for

The outage map is also more user-friendly and provides detailed boundaries of
current outages. You can also search the map by address.

Toronto Hydro is currently working on a notification program that will provide you with
updates during major outages. You can register for outage alerts here.

If power is down following a snow storm, Toronto Hydro suggests following these tips:

  • Check to see if your neighbours have power. If they don’t, it is likely that more work is planned on your street.

  • If your home is the only house without electricity, check your electrical panel inside your home to see if the breakers are in the “on” position.

  • Check outside and visually inspect if the electrical equipment on your home is damaged or if the service wire is down. If the customer-owned connection point (usually the pipe and wires attached to your home connected to the powerline) is damaged, you may need to contact an ESA-certified electrical contractor. A list is available on the ESA’s website at

In the event of a power outage this winter, you can contact Toronto Hydro’s Customer Care team at (416) 542-8000. This number can also be used to report emergencies such as downed or sagging wires.

You may also report power outages and streetlight outages by visiting this link or by calling 311.

For additional information on emergency preparedness, please click here.