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Jane's Walk Toronto 2019

Jane’s Walk is a grassroots movement that uses volunteer-led walking tours to explore a neighbourhood or civic initiative, giving agency to and championing the voices of everyday people. We’re guided and inspired by community builder, writer and urban thinker Jane Jacobs.

Walks are a platform for genuine community discussion and collaboration that enables empathy-building. They create an appetite for action that catalyzes the interests of local communities and inspires people to convene around the issues that matter to them.

As this is a festival for people and by people, I would like to invite you to:

·  Help us spread the word through your networks (newsletters, social media, mailing lists, etc.) to encourage people within the communities you represent to lead walks in their neighbourhoods. Please find attached information you can readily share.

·  As a passionate advocate of our diverse communities in the city, please also consider leading a walk during the festival to share your unique perspectives about a topic or place in your area. We believe that as an elected member of government your deep knowledge of local community needs would be extremely valuable to everyone. Use this link to sign up

Leading a walk requires little time and organization, and you don’t have to be an expert, simply be willing to share your knowledge and passion about your community. 


You can help us in building a program of walks that truly reflect the diversity of passionate voices in our city!