Banbury Park and Mossgrove Park Playgrounds are Now Open!

Despite a delayed start due to an unseasonably rainy spring, I'm pleased to announce that the new playgrounds at Banbury Park and Mossgrove Park are now open to the public!


After years of hard work and extensive consultation with the community, Banbury Park and Mossgrove Park are now home to brand new playgrounds.

A new junior play structure was installed at Banbury Park, featuring a mini summit climber, lolliladder, tight rope, and smart play cube. At Mossgrove Park, staff installed a new playground complete with swings, slides, and a teeter-totter, along with a unique "bamboo jungle" fitness component.

Some of the damaged turf areas at Mossgrove Park will remain fenced off to protect the newly-restored grass. The protective fencing is anticipated to be removed before the fall.

Many thanks for your patience and engagement throughout this process.

Playgrounds are a critical element of a complete, liveable community and I hope you are all as excited about these new improvements to the neighbourhood as I am!