Update on Toronto's Gypsy Moth Program

Last month, the City of Toronto began its Aerial Spray program.

The program will be conducted until June 15 to manage the high levels of gypsy moth caterpillars in certain Toronto neighbourhoods. Caterpillars feed on the leaves of oak and other tree species, which can severely weaken or kill trees.

The first round of treatment was applied from May 26-27 and a second round will be applied from June 6-7 in some areas of Ward 15. Residents are encouraged to check for updates on the City's website here, or call 311 for additional information. A map of the designated spray areas, which identifies each location's specific spray date, is also available here.

During the aerial spray, two helicopters will fly about 15 to 30 metres above the tree canopy to apply a biological insecticide. The product must be applied directly to tree foliage, as gypsy moth caterpillars must feed on the treated leaves for the insecticide to be effective. No special precautions are required for residents in the spray zone.

In addition to ground-based control methods, the Aerial Spray program is an important initiative to protect the City's tree canopy.