Neighbourhood Policing Program

Toronto Police Services (TPS) is modernizing. As our city continues to grow and change – with no sign of slowing down – so, too, must our Policing strategies. Recognizing this, TPS and its Transformational Task Force have assessed the needs of our dynamic communities and created the Neighbourhood Policing Program (NPP).

The NPP is a modernized program that is neighbourhood-centric and aims to reduce crime by assigning specialized officers to individual neighbourhoods. This approach will “humanize the badge” and allow officers to familiarize themselves with the unique needs of each of Toronto’s 140 neighbourhoods. In October, TPS announced plans to expand the NPP from a 96-officer pilot to a force-wide, transformational strategy.

While Toronto has been ranked the safest city in North America, I know crime and safety remains a top concern for the residents of Don Valley West. In the 2019 budget, City Council approved funding to hire more than 300 new officers to join the TPS ranks. This comes in addition to the 200 new officers we approved funding for in 2018 – meaning that there will be more than 500 new pairs of boots on the ground to ensure our communities remain safe.