Local Business Feature: The Flaky Tart

The Flaky Tart, located at 711 Mount Pleasant Road, is an independent bakery on the Western border of our Ward that has been open for almost ten years. George Brown College educated baker Lisa Biemans has honed her skills at other bakeries, but for the last three years she has owned and operated the Flaky Tart. Chef Lisa works diligently to supply the neighbourhood with delicious desserts.
The desserts the Flaky Tart craft have an amazing homemade feel because everything is made from scratch in-house. Lisa and her team find innovative solutions to ensure that everything they bake is not only delicious, but also nut-free.
In addition to the bakery, Flaky Tart products are available at McEwan grocery stores. The shopfront also sells custom cakes and desserts for birthdays, weddings, or any other special event needing a tasty treat.
Whether you're strolling through the Mount Pleasant Village, or planning your next event that calls for a knock out sweet treat, be sure to visit Chef Lisa at the Flaky Tart and have a taste of what's good.
You can call the Flaky Tart at 416-484-8278 or email flakytart@gmail.com.