Downtown Relief Line

I use public transit every day to get to and from City Hall so I know first-hand the frustration caused by the significant capacity and reliability issues on Line 1. This is why I have been a strong advocate for fast-tracking the Downtown Relief Line. In Don Valley West, this project will deliver substantial improvements for residents who use one of the three transit stops in Ward 15 to get around our city.
Earlier this month, I was pleased to make an announcement about the status of this vital project. The TTC, supported by the City of Toronto, is taking decisive action to deliver the relief line 2-3 years earlier than initially planned. This means that the project will be finalized in 2028/2029, rather than the original completion date of 2031. I will continue to advocate for opportunities to reduce this timeline further if possible.
The plan to expedite this work includes:

  • Accelerating design work to ensure the project proceeds on pace;

  • Speeding up property acquisitions along the route;

  • Moving ahead with utility locates; and

  • Acquiring the technical equipment needed for construction.

These preparations will be completed in a parallel manner rather than in sequence. This plan, which has been allocated an additional $162 million in this year's TTC budget, will allow us to get shovels in the ground as soon as possible.

downtown relief line pic.jpg