Toronto's Ward Boundaries are Changing

Ward 25 is going to be Ward 27

Toronto Moves from 44 to 47 Electoral Wards for 2018 Municipal Election

A Boundary Review of Toronto's Municipal Wards was conducted from 2014-2016 to review the City's population.
When debated at City Council in 2016, I voted against increasing the size of City Council from 44 to 47 wards – as I strongly believe that the number of wards should not increase, but rather, that the ward boundaries should be modified to align with existing provincial or federal boundaries.
The City of Toronto’s 2018 municipal election, however, will use the new ward boundaries model for Toronto, increasing the number of wards from 44 to 47.
The new ward boundaries will come into effect for the upcoming 2018 municipal election and new Council term.

How is Ward 25 Changing?

Ward 25 will now be Ward 27.
Ward 27 will cover 98% of the area formerly known as Ward 25. These changes, however, will move the ward boundary line west from Don Mills Road to Leslie Street and south from Broadway Avenue to Eglinton Avenue East. I have attached several maps below to better illustrate this change. 
To help residents and businesses find their new ward, the City has created the MyVote app which provides Torontonians information about City Council wards based on their home address, including the candidates that will be running in that ward in the 2018 municipal election.

Comparing Toronto's 47 and 44 Ward Boundaries


The yellow portion on the eastern side of the ward is the area that is currently within Ward 25 but will no longer fall within Ward 27's new boundaries.

The smaller orange portion at the bottom of Ward 27 is the new area that Ward 27 will be gaining, not previously included in Ward 25's current boundaries.

New Ward 27 Boundaries